Lessons From A Legend™

In this course I’ll share my techniques, both technical and philosophical, to help improve your photography!

I created this online photo course to share my 30+ years of photography experience to guide and help demystify the photography process. In the Lessons From A Legend™ course, I'll use real world photography examples to simplify and share with other photographers my proven process. Unlike other photography courses that only focus on technical skills, I’ll also share my philosophy about how to approach subjects so you can capture the humanity behind the image. Understanding the psychology of photography in addition to the technology is what makes the difference between good images and great, iconic images. The course will explore the topics below.


Chi Modu
Chi Modu
Photographer / Instructor

About Chi

Chi first picked up a camera while a student at Rutgers. After honing his skills at the International Center of Photography, he landed a position at The Source, which was the definitive magazine of hip hop culture. It was here that Chi developed relationships with the biggest icons of the hip hop movement, including Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G., Mary J. Blige, and L-L Cool J, most of whom were not yet famous. 

Along with his impressive collection of hip hop photos, Chi has amassed a wealth of travel, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle images. Despite the differences in his subject matter, Chi’s work has a singular focus – it all reflects his refreshing take on the world. Whether it’s kids at a church in Nigeria, a group of fishermen cleaning their catch in Morocco, a musician playing for money near Prague Castle, or Tupac himself caught in an unexpected moment, the perspective is always as unique and disarming as the photographer himself.

Chi created The Photo Teacher as a place to share his process and techniques with aspiring and professional photographers, regardless of their level of expertise, to help improve the quality of their images through online instruction. 

Whether your are a beginner with a camera phone or an advanced studio photographer, the course(s) will teach you to improve how you see and document the world around you.


What's included?

22 Videos
1 Quiz

What others have been saying about this course:

tiffany brown

Thank you

I appreciate someone with 30 plus years of photography experience giving us a course like this. I find the tips extremely helpful and I can't wait to apply the knowledge to my work. Thank you Chi! you are truly awesome.

Reggie Gooden


This is a great little course for me as it made me aware of some aspects of photography that I was not aware of. I shoot lots of photos on my phone but now that I have a camera I would like to learn more.

Patrick Grass

Tips from a legend

If you want to have your camera manual read aloud by a teacher you are completely wrong here. This course teaches you perfect tips and tricks of 30 years of experience as a photographer. Really helpful tips throughout the lessons, like how to hol...

Liz Barclay

Chi Modu

Lessons from the legend. Digestible format, and goes beyond technical instruction which I love... it really encourages viewers to develop a profound sense of direction and deep rooted intention in photography. The themes explored in this course n...

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